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We use the latest and greatest French & Organic skincare products, and botanical ingredients. Following the seasons, moon cycles, your skin needs and more we adapt and personalise our blends of herbs, clays, flowers, medicinal herbs and more to tailor the best Facial adapted to your skin. For deep exfoliation, blackheads and pimples extraction we use our ultrasonic and steamer device. This service can be added to any of your treatments.

More often after your OsteoFacial or Le Secret, we perform a deep cleanse, exfoliation, serum and adapted cream/oil appropriate to your skin type and needs. Afterwards, skincare Rituals & recommendations for home care will be provided if you wish to maximize long-term results and skin health - at no extra costs.

We recommend adding LED and microcurrent therapy for better results and ultimate relaxation.

  • ​​​drink water or fresh vegetable juice

  • rest

  • have a healthy light meal

  • welcome any emotions

  • pay attention to your body's reaction

  • urinate

  • avoid skin stimulation (sun, wind, cold, heat, rubbing)

  • Active Cold Sores/Shingles

  • Open Lesions and Infections

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes

  • Pregnancy/Breast Feeding (for certain botanicals)

  • Roaccutane - 12 months

  • Blood Infections/Undergoing Immune/Chemotherapy

  • Skin Cancer in the treatment area

  • Sunbaking and Sunbeds

  • Injectables - 2 weeks pre and post

  • Photosensitive Medications

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • Lupus and Auto-Immune Diseases

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