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Gua Sha

As an extension of the hand, these ancestral tools used for centuries & based on lithotherapy, reproduce and amplify your skin workout.

Agate Gua Sha - designed by Coralie herself - is used for your treatment. You can also be trained by Coralie & purchase Coralie's stone for your in-home skincare routine.


Stones are living organisms that have vibrations, each one is unique and has its own virtues and quality - Agate, to name a few:

  • stimulates circulation

  • its energy helps to relax

  • reduces muscle, joint & nerve pain

  • fights skin problems like irritation, redness & small imperfections

  • improves skin quality

  • regulates breathing

Combined with the professional Gua Sha treatment it:

  • redraws contours & decrease puffiness

  • boosts lymphatic drainage & detox

  • increases circulation & increases oxygen-rich blood

  • improves nutrient delivery and product absorption

  • promotes cell repair & regeneration

  • stimulates cells responsible for collagen production

  • relaxes muscle tension & strengthens skin and connective tissues

  • tones chin, jawline, neck, and décolletage

  • Healthier skin, instantly plumps, smoothes, lifts and brightens the skin

  • minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles

  • clears blockages and promotes stimulation of facial meridians for effects on the entire body

  • drink water or fresh vegetable juice

  • rest

  • have a healthy light meal

  • welcome any emotions

  • pay attention to your body's reaction

  • urinate

  • avoid skin stimulation (sun, wind, cold, heat, rubbing)

  • Botox or fillers 2 weeks prior (BUT it is best to check with your cosmetic doctor first)

  • taking anticoagulants (blood thinners) 

  • blood clots history of thrombosis

  • Rash, open wounds, skin lesions, sores, burns 

  • Inflammation of the skin: rosacea, eczema, severe acne breakouts, sunburn

  • cancer or chemotherapy

  • fever

  • lupus erythematosus 

  • heart problem

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