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'L'INTUITION' Body Healing Massage

“Having gathered my traditional and western medical training in different parts of the world, I have learnt so much about the human being that I offer a unique approach to my healing massages.

By listening to your body and understanding how it reacts to my touch, I can alter my protocol to connect to your mind & soul to deliver a personalised service that enables me to begin the healing process.  

I believe massages aren’t just about your muscles and the need to relax, but more so, about a deeper connection that allows you to create a better version of yourself from the inside out. Therefore, each of the massage treatments you will receive will be different from the previous one.

As a beings, we change every day - as a therapist, I adapt my approach to these changes. It allows me to give you my very best”.



The “Intuition” is the only massage that can benefit anyone.

Coralie’s knowledge and well-developed senses will find your weaknesses and strengths in your body - making connections with your mind - like a scan to understand imbalances and restrictions in your body to bring back harmony, resulting in a reset for your body and mind. The Intuition massage is a perfect treatment that combines relaxation, deep tissue work and postural realignment.

If needed, Coralie will incorporate additional indulgences such as treating the scalp, face or abdominal area.

Structures Coralie works on depend on your needs: muscles, fascias, bones, visceral, lymphatic, circulatory system, energetic etc.


Keeping high standards and quality treatments over quantity, Coralie has limited spots open to booking for this treatment- you might want to register on the waiting list to be contacted as soon as a session becomes available. Simply text us (0415720528) /email us ( or DM us on Instagram, thank you​​​​​


Organic oil and essential oils adapted to your need.

The use of tools might be required (Gua Sha, cupping, floss bands etc). This does not change the price of your session.

  • OsteoFacial or Ancestral Lifting Facial

  • Botanical Facial + Ultrasonic

  • MM Microcurrent & Meditation Facial

  • LED light therapy

  • Cryo Ice Globe/Gua Sha/Facial Cupping/Face taping

  • High frequency

  • drink water or fresh vegetable juice

  • rest

  • have a healthy light meal

  • welcome any emotions

  • pay attention to your body's reaction

  • urinate

  • avoid skin stimulation (sun, wind, cold, heat, rubbing)

  • Fever Anytime you have a fever, whether from a cold, the flu or some other infection, you should not get a massage. Massage increases circulation which may, in turn, help the infection increase the severity of the fever and the infection.

  • Contagious Diseases If you have an infectious disease you are putting your therapist and even your therapist’s other clients at risk of getting it. Please be considerate to your therapist and cancel your massage if you come down with a contagious condition.

  • Blood Clots Massage can loosen blood clots. This could be dangerous because the clot could migrate to the brain, lungs or heart. If you are aware of any blood clots, consult your doctor before the massage to ensure they will not be affected by massage therapy. 

  • PregnancyPregnant women should not have massage treatment in the first 3 months of pregnancy (12 weeks).

  • Kidney Conditions or Liver Conditions Massage can increase strain on both the liver and kidney if they are not functioning normally. This occurs because massage increases blood flow, increasing the movement of waste through the body. If you are experiencing a health problem with either your kidney or liver it is likely that massage will not be appropriate for you. Talk to a health care professional to see if massage will aggravate any kidney or liver condition.

  • Cancer Though massage is good at relieving some of the discomfort caused by cancer, it should only be given by someone trained to work with cancer patients. The patient should obtain a release form from his/her doctor to get treatment.

  • Inflammation If you have inflammation of any kind massage to the area will further aggravate the situation.

  • Uncontrolled Hypertension Massage increases blood flow. If you have high blood pressure that is not under control, the increased blood flow that is a result of massage therapy may cause problems.

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