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FACIAL GUA SHA RITUAL Beginner to semi-Pro


Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing method born in the Paleolithic Era. It involves scraping the skin with a massage tool to relieve ailments. It is over the progress of medicine that the aesthetic virtues of Gua Sha have been discovered. It serves to stimulate the meridians - responsible for skin problems (premature aging or excessive dryness comes from an overworked lung, puffiness is often the result of weakened kidneys, etc.), to relieve muscle and fascia adhesion, drain the lymph and stimulate blood circulation. This beginner course is about acquiring the technical gesture of the tool, stimulating blood, lymphatic drainage and the release of muscle and fascia adhesion. To offer you a unique experience, fully immersed and ground yourself - we recorded our course in an Australian National Park surrounded by space and nature. No music has been added so you can follow the instructions every week with the music or meditation of your choice. This course aims to give you all the confidence, safety, skills and knowledge to Master the Art of Facial Gua Sha and obtain professional results. It includes: - Gua Sha History - Anatomy - Self-analysis - Step-by-Step texts + videos - Full Ritual Video - Advanced techniques - Printable manual (60+ pages) - Access to our Private Music playlist + Facebook Community - BONUS gift - and much more! Terms: only 1 participant per purchase



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