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" Coralie is by far the best wellness professional I have ever visited. She is trustworthy, personable and effective - I could not recommend her more! Her knowledge and expertise in the health space are so expansive which in turn makes her treatments incredibly effective. I have noticed very tangible results immediately after each treatment and so have others around me. It is very clear that Coralie genuinely cares about getting to the root cause of the ailment and is not just about quick fixes/surface solutions."

Laura Cheng

"I was blessed to cross paths with the beautiful Coralie and treated myself to consecutive treatments over a week. Woweeee was it a treat!! Coralie is a gifted and educated soul on many levels with the human body and soul.
Her treatments are luxurious and healing and I finished the week feeling deeply rested and rejuvenated. My body and face felt amazing and I’ve made a promise to myself to make the time and space to travel interstate to see her a couple of times a year.
A pure magical experience my mind, body and soul have thanked me for.
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Coralie you are a light being sent from the heavens above."

Bethany Swiggs

"I have been going to Coralie for more than a year now for the Osteofacial service. It is a unique facial that helps me release all the tension built up in my face, especially my jaws and ears. It was only after the first session that I realised that I was holding an enormous amount of tension and held up emotions in specific parts of my face. Coralie is an expert in what she does. She uses her knowledge and experience as an osteopath to provide a very relaxing experience. All the products that she uses are very natural and do not have any harsh chemicals. I look forward to my sessions with Coralie every month and I highly recommend her Osteofacial."



"As a holistic facialist myself I was very intrigued to see what an osteopathic/facial sculpting treatment would involve so when Coralie opened spaces for her sunshine cost retreat I jumped on it.

I was welcomed into a space that was beautiful and relaxing, the bed had beautiful linens and she even had some delicious tea and treats.

After a chat about what we would do and my history I jumped on the bed and began the treatment. Now, these are beyond skilled hands and Coralie is an absolute master in her craft, not to
mention an absolutely beautiful human inside and out. It was an workout for my face like never before.

A lot of work on my décolleté and lymphatic system , alongside stimulating and massaging my face with various movements, 'pinching' techniques and working with fibrosis on my neck and forehead. It was not pain free but it was satisfying!

Coralie would explain why she was doing what she was doing and I became even more intrigued, we moved into some more relaxing moves and I finished feeling invigorated but relaxed, I knew I could trust her hands and her heart.

My face felt worked over, a little red ( which she told me it would) and felt slightly bruised but it wasn't . Coralie had released so much tension in my back, jaw and forehead and after a few days my skin looked incredibly vibrant.

I wish she lived closer so I could have a series of these treatments because I know how much they would benefit the structure of my face and there aren't many people I would trust to do this kind of integrative work on me.

I'm looking forward to learning from Coralie when her professional courses become available and having some more of these amazing treatments!

Thank you Coralie!"

Natalie Sellars -Holistic Facialist & founder at KinderLife

"My OsteoAesthetic Facial with Coralie far exceeded my expectations. Firstly the setting was so beautiful. It was obvious she had put a lot of time, thought and care into creating an intentional, calming space. This was beyondddd a normal facial. Coralie was a wealth of knowledge not just on the massage itself but on anatomy at large, nutrition and cosmetic products. I very much appreciated her holistic approach - she was able to help me with techniques to improve my breathing, regulate my nervous system and obviously to help my skin. When I got home from my session my partner mentioned that he had never seen me look so calm and that my face was glowing. I will definitely being seeing Coralie for more treatments. And have since recommended her to several friends and family! Just wowwww!"

Emma Nevison

"Face sculpting and buccal massages was something that I had a lot of interest in and I found it very hard to find someone in Sydney who I thought would do a great job and acknowledge all my concerns. I was very lucky to find Coralie and she ticked all the boxes! My first treatment was amazing and it’s gotten even better after that. Coralie has so much knowledge and experience and provides the most valuable advice. She is kind, and welcoming and listens to your concerns. I have never felt any pressure from her to do a procedure or buy something that I didn’t want to. I love her holistic approach to skin care and health in general. I love how she talks through what she is doing and the benefits of it. I am so so thankful that I found her and she’s like my little secret for beautiful skin (albeit I have told everyone I know about her)! At the end of each treatment, I walk out feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and glowing. I have been to her 3 times and my results have been amazing already. My nose was one of my concerns postpartum. After 3 treatments and take-home advice, my nose is more tighter and someone even asked if I had done something to my nose to make it smaller. Compliment right there :) Having skin problems postpartum was something I was struggling with on a day-to-day basis. Coralie has really helped me with my concerns and I have honestly started to feel like my old self again. Thank you Coralie you are beautiful inside and out and I am looking forward to continuing my skincare and general health journey with you."

Shamley Chand

"Thank you for all that you do Coralie. You're very good at what you do and I'm so grateful for you. Sometimes it is hard to put into words when you feel like you're just going to explode with gratitude! But It is a very rejuvenating, life-giving thing you do and I just want you to know how much you are appreciated!"


"Since I started seeing Coralie she has fixed every body ache and pain that I have suffered from. Having her Osteopath background helps a lot and she is also very caring and understanding. Her massage can be relaxing yet therapeutic, and her methods such as cupping provide an incredible detox. Whenever I see Coralie I am always recharged and reinvigorated for the day ahead. Well worth a visit."


"My first experience with Coralie at the Valdora retreat was amazing. Coralie herself was hands down the most amazing therapist (no pun intended lol), not only she gave me the best sculpting massage, her knowledge was second to none.
My face looked way less puffy and sculpted straight away with one session, I can imagine if I had it done regularly the results would be forever lasting. Not only it stops there, but her aftercare has also been super helpful as well.
I am already looking forward to my next treatment with her."


"Coralie is an amazing massage therapist, with years of experience and natural intuition, she knows exactly what she needs to be worked on. 

Every session is tailored to your individual needs, whilst being executed with professionalism and kindness. I can't recommend Coralie enough, I feel very lucky to have found her!"


"Simply the best!

After having many massages in my life Coralie is just the best. Her use of essential oil choice adds an individual touch. She can pinpoint exactly my problem areas without me even saying a word. Can not recommend highly enough."


"Coralie is so adaptable to different types of treatments.
We initially hired Coralie to come to our father’s house when he was first out of the hospital with a broken leg. He had been in the hospital for 4 months and walking with a frame. Coralie was amazing at making him feel comfortable as he had never had a massage before at age 76! Her massages have been so beneficial to his recovery! Even though aged care massage can be a bit delicate, Coralie is able to make it as easy and nice with her French humour. Coralie works on bodies but also minds to give back the confidence needed for a good recovery process. Coralie personalised each of our father's treatments. And also personalises with specific techniques & advice for physical and psychological health. Coralie has proposed body treatments that our father could have in his home, such as (dry exfoliation) work with essential oils. It has opened a whole new world for our father!
I also had amazing deep tissue treatments for my back, that were completely different from the kind of therapy our father has received. I can not rate Coralie higher, in her professionalism or techniques!
We see Coralie 2 times a week since April 2018 and she has been amazing every time!"


"Coralie is an incredible massage therapist Her knowledge of the body and intuition into giving you exactly what you need is why I recommended all of my clients to her. She is not only a qualified Osteopath in France, but she has such a calming energy that you feel completely at peace and in bliss afterwards.
Thank you, Coralie, for your magic touch! I look forward to your next treatment."


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