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LUNAR NEW YEAR: Reflection & Planning

Can you believe we are already in February? Time flies, and I have found that implementing rituals and 'me-time' moments to Pause-Reflect-Plan helps me stay on top of everything while enjoying every moment of this precious life.


My goal is to live life in the most 'perfect' way, according to my values and goals. The Pause-Reflect-Plan Ritual not only saves time and provides a clearer vision but also creates space for precious self-care and wellness. This holistic health time should be our priority as it shapes us mentally, professionally, physically, and spiritually. Here are a few easy steps to help you find yourself and become who you want to be.

While we often hear "set your intentions, dreams, and goals NOW" from January 1st, it's essential to align with nature's flow. Instead of adding pressure by setting goals 'in the middle of' a season, I encourage you to enjoy living in the current season. As we approach Autumn and a slower pace, the Lunar New Year on February 10th is the perfect time to Pause-Reflect-Plan.

The new moon marks the beginning of the Moon’s cycle, signifying a time of renewal. The gravitational force of the moon, akin to its impact on tides, may influence us, composed significantly of water. This phase invites us to set intentions, be open to new experiences, and dream.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, now is the late summer season who represents a pause in the cycle of transformation, a still point in which the energies of Yin and Yang are in momentary balance before the hot, Yang energy of summer pivots to the cooling Yin energy of autumn and winter. The frenetic energy of summer has passed, growth has ceased for the season and as the harvest is completed, a sense of quietude descends on the land. Late summer represents the Earth element, a period of balance and nourishment. It emphasizes the health of the spleen and stomach, vital for digestion and metabolic balance, preparing the body for the transition to cooler months. It’s a season of grounding, nurturing, and reflection.

Late Summer’s emotion is often said to be worry. The aspect of Spirit that may be challenged is that aspect that supports, guides and energizes the intellect. In late summer, you may be more vulnerable to anxiety, digestive issues, or poor mental processing and if you encourage imbalances by eating or acting improperly those imbalances may be expressed as worrying and/or digestive issues. In fact, the hallmark of Earth imbalance is ruminating, worrying about having enough, feeling overwhelmed, and having difficulty taking in and integrating new information.


There are many helpful herbal formulas for fortifying the Spleen Qi and balancing the Earth element, and the best option for you should be determined by your acupuncturist after performing a diagnosis of your personal health. However if you don’t have any specific concerns and just want to support your Digestion while also relaxing your nervous system, our NATIVE DIGESTIVE HERBAL TEA has been formulated for these purpose in mind and a special set is available for the Lunar New Year. It includes our Golden Strainer, Red Jasper Gua Sha and Acupressure tool ($175 instead of $195 - limited stock available - order here)

Just as each season is associated with specific physical and emotional issues, it is also associated with specific herbs and essential oils which help to maintain balance or address imbalances when they occur. This is why I formulated a Late Summer Blend to accompanied you for a daily earth-strengthening fix and for your LUNAR NEW YEAR RITUAL. Made of organic Mandarin, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Basil, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Peru balsam, Vetiver & Patchouli oils— entering the Lung, Spleen, and Stomach channels, it resolves dampness and phlegm and harmonizes the digestive system. On an emotional level, it can help the body transform and release pent-up emotions and calm a worried or restless mind. While tonifying spleen Qi, soothing a nervous stomach and easing anxiety, it also uplifts the spirit and resolving stagnation caused by food and dampness. This blend is available as a roll-on Pulse Remedy Perfume and Diffuser Blend at $35 here.


Apply the remedy Perfume on your pulses or diffuse it to prepare your body. Then try this acupressure point using your finger (or Gua Sha or acupressure tool) on acupuncture point Spleen 9 (Sp-9 Yin Ling Quan), located on the inside part of the lower leg, in the depression of the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia below the knee. The easiest way to find the point is to run your thumb up the edge of the bone on the inside of your lower leg until it falls into a hole- if the point is active, it will feel tender. This is THE acupuncture point for resolving dampness anywhere in the body. Gently press on this point for 20-30 seconds to help relieve abdominal discomfort, bloating, gas pains, and lethargy after eating. This point also helps treat edema, swelling, thirst and urinary difficulty. And if you find yourself trapped in a cycle of worrisome or anxious thoughts and circular thinking, press on Spleen 9 to help break the pattern and bring ease to a worried mind. To support your energy flow during the Late Summer season and ease anxiety, I’ve created a Self-massage video tutorial (see below). Let’s prepare for new beginnings and get your sacred space ready:


Pause - and Declutter. "Sweep away the bad luck" that has accumulated inside your house over the past year. It is said that cleaning also makes the house ready for the good luck to start entering again. Clean your fridge and cabins, flip your mattress, declutter your wardrobe and bathroom cupboard, organise your pantry… I personally really enjoy doing this regularly as it gives me a feeling of being “clean” and fresh to start on a good foot! Having room to receive what I want. Now that is it done, I’d recommend to make yourself the Native digestive Tea while inhaling the Late Summer Blend — take a pen & some paper and start your ritual with the following questions...

Reflect - In a comfortable position, Close your eyes, breath in deeply through your nose, expanding your belly and breath out through your mouth at least for 10 breaths. Scan your body from your toes to head and feel if anything is tight or painful; if so, take a few breath while visualizing the area melting and becoming supple - leaving your body pain free and with an abondance of energy moving freely all over. Now Imagine having 8 bubbles in front of you: Spirituality, Love, Social, Mind, Work, Wealth, Physical, Wellbeing & Inspiration.

About 2023: imagine yourself at the same time last year, what and how have you changed within these 8 bubbles? What did you overcame? What makes you proud of yourself? What was your bad habits and did that changed? Your goals, dreams & intentions? How did you evolved within these 8 aspects of yourself? What are the highlights of 2023 for you? What are you grateful for?

Plan - Now, what changes would you like to see within these 8 aspects of you (find 3 aspects per category that you want to achieve)? What are the 5 most important intentions for you this year? What do you wish to improve? What dreams do you wish to make come true? Where, when and how long do you want to go on holidays in 2024 (once you know, book your flights, hotel, research for activities to do and start saving for it, if you know when you’re gonna have a good time, you are most likely to be happy between the period of fun activities and holidays even if you are working and going through some rough moment, so PLAN THE FUN FIRST!)?

Create one or more affirmation to read to yourself daily depending on what came out during the reflection time.

Practice - Watch the reflexology video and perform the routine at your pace. You can find our Reflexology Pen here.

Additionally, use the Red Jasper Gua Sha for facial drainage and stimulation of the Stomach, Spleen, and Pancreas reflexology areas which means on cheeks, nose and upper lip - don't forget to open your main lymph nodes first! (1:1 courses are available if you need guidance, text me on 0415720528 to make an appointment)

Closing Ritual - Close your eyes, reconnect with your breath, and inhale the Late Summer Blend. Set intentions with the New Moon, and ask for guidance. Fill your heart with promise and find clarity. Reflect on what will make your heart happy and maintain the spirit of the New Moon.

With these steps, you'll embark on a new journey with a refreshed mind and spirit. Take actions now and embrace positive changes.

With Gratitude,


To book an appointment for 1:1 course or OsteoFacial session - text 0415720528 or book online


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