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Red Japser GUA SHA PRO

Red Japser GUA SHA PRO


Handcrafted & Curated by Face Sculpté - with a patented design - our Gua Sha tool is made from Premium quality Red Jasper. Its design has been specifically thought to spouse perfectly each part of the neck & face to take your skin's health, wellness and beauty to new levels.


Red Jasper provides a fortifying effect and helps to heal. It stimulates and regulates the reproductive organs which promote fertility. It also helps stabilize the hormonal system of women and promotes well-being. Jasper is very suitable for getting out of difficult times, it stimulates desire and imagination and brings a large dose of vitality and self-confidence.


Combined with the appropriate techniques in Facial massage, Gua Sha helps with:

- increasing circulation 

- lifting, toning & contouring

- improving dark eye circles

- promoting a lifted & brighter complexion

- increasing collagen & elastin

- reducing fine lines & wrinkles


Our Red Jasper Gua Sha Pro is available to purchase on its own or with the Facial Gua Sha Masterclass (recommended, see our workouts page) to ensure using it like a pro & maximize benefits.


The Gua Sha Pro & Facial Cupping Duo offers the best of all when combined with Masterclasses, a real professional workout in the comfort of your home! (see our products page)


Eco-friendly, Red Jasper Gua Sha Pro comes with an organic cotton pouch and a luxurious storage box to take your new skincare tool safely everywhere with you!


100 % premium quality Red Jasper gemstone

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