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Our CUDDLE UP KIT includes:


  • our favourite YOUTHFUL SKIN Organic Botanical Tea
  • our French incense PAPIER D'ARMENIE brings me back to France every time I use it
  • our Hemp & Cotton Exfoliation Mitt, is so soft yet removes dead skin cells and pushes away cellulite
  • last but certainly not least... our best-seller product: our Organic LUXURY FACE OIL with the best anti-ageing ingredients such as the rare Helicrysum also called Immortal oil...


This is the ultimate bundle to offer to yourself or your loved ones.

Born in France - handcrafted in Australia with Love.

Produced in small batches in Sydney in accordance with nature and its seasons, crystalline and astrological energies.

Using Nature's most potent Organic Botanicals and crystals.


FACE SCULPTÉ is holistic and engaged with strong core values and a desire to make Mother Earth a better place bringing back peace and harmony in our lives and between people - revealing the beauty within.


Led by Passion, love for Nature, Science and a Holistic approach to wellness, beauty & health, Face Sculpté philosophy is simple: we are a product of Nature therefore natural products, 'supplements', and modalities are the most efficient to serve us.

We believe humans are powerful beings - we made it our mission to awaken your powers through quantum beauty, modalities and skincare Rituals in accordance with seasons, astrological and crystalline energies to raise up your vibrations, strengthen your skin health, support your vitality - allowing you to become the best version of yourself.


FACE SCULPTÉ stands for minimalism, using multifunctional, highly effective, results-driven and freshly made products - respectful of our environment and other living beings, 100% cruelty-free and sustainable. 

Our products are the result of extensive research. We specialise in high-quality, handmade and community-sourced materials and ingredients when possible. Supporting the people, nature & your beauty.

We are proudly free from parabens, petrochemicals, PEG, GMO, phthalates, silicones, sulphates, Phenoxyethanol, micro-plastics, pesticides, synthetic fragrances & colours. We carefully selected our packaging to be completely recyclable and reduce our footprint and we are working continuously to improve it. 

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