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In time since 1885 - made in Montrouge, PARIS. A Mythical Perfume

The history of Papier d'Armenie® begins in the 19th century. During a trip to Armenia, Auguste Ponsot noticed that the inhabitants perfumed and disinfected their houses by burning Benzoin. Seduced by this traditional and ecological practice, he decided to import this product in France.


Paper of Armenia® is the oldest home fragrance. Scents with sweet, vanilla and balsamic notes reminiscent of the scents of the Orient. The unique smell of the little paper comes from Benzoin resin, once used externally to treat asthma, coughs and colds, it is still used today as a healing agent. It perfumes your interior and removes any bad smell from cooking, tobacco, animals, etc.


Today, Papier d'Armenie's is still an important part of the French heritage and a luxurious products thanks to the use of quality ingredients and the engagement with renowned creator-perfumer Francis Kurkidjan that created the Original Papier d'Armenie Scents from Elsewhere.


"This smell reminds me of my amazing grandmother, and the wonderful time we spent together when I was a child as she was burning this incredible incense all the time. It is an immense privilege to have known her, I use this incense regularly to - somehow - be close to her again and I am delighted to offer you the possibility of a unique experience through that scent." Coralie


See more information on the official LE PAPIER D'ARMÉNIE's website

Detach a strip, fold it in the shape of an accordion, place it on its edge on a heat-resistant support, light it then blow out the flame to avoid igniting it because it must burn slowly.

Paper of Armenia® can be used throughout the year to perfume your home and create an atmosphere of well-being.



  • Burn one slat at a time, 3 to 4 times a week
  • Ventilate the home regularly
  • Do not leave a slat burning unsupervised
  • Do not leave the product within the reach of children
  • Avoid inhaling the smoke directly
  • Ventilate the room after use
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