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Elevate your skincare ritual with this hydrating and mineral-rich essence of three blossoms, a meticulously crafted combination of Orange Blossom, Linden, and Lemon Balm, artfully combined to embrace the unique needs of all skins with extra love for:


  • dry
  • dehydrated
  • sensitive & delicate
  • irritated, prone to itching, discomfort, and redness
  • devitalized dull complexion
  • mature skin and tired eyes.


For Beauty: this exquisite mist is your irreplaceable 1st step of your skincare routine to wash away tap-water debris, while toning, revitalizing and helping in the prevention of the signs of aging. It also purifies, replenishes and calms your skin. As a result say hi to bright and illuminated complexion!



For Wellness: it's enchanting scent instantly uplift your mood, provides emotional support and stress management. It also helps with sleep troubles with its calming properties bringing a serene sensation, ideal for nurturing both your skin and senses. Find out more below.



Exceptional quality meets authenticity in our products. Our Linden and Lemon Balm hail from the South-West and Provence regions of France, while the Orange Blossom originates from Morocco. Crafted with care, our hydrosol is 100% pure and natural, devoid of preservatives, and undergoes meticulous microbiological scrutiny in laboratories. We proudly hold certified organic agriculture status, utilizing both wild harvest and ancestral methods. This commitment ensures superior plant quality and contributes to the sustainable regeneration of the land.


To learn more about hydrosols click here.

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All skins with a particular love for dry, dehydrated, sensitive & delicate, irritated, prone to itching, discomfort, and redness, devitalized dull complexion, mature skin and tired eyes.

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