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1 hour

A deep but safe holistic treatment to free your body from Cellulite, scar tissues and/or Lymphatic congestion.

This lymphatic massage incorporates the renowned manual Brazilian method, complemented by Madero Therapy. To enhance its effectiveness on cellulite, advanced tools such as LED, radio frequency, and an ultrasonic machine are skillfully integrated.

In cases where scar tissues require attention, additional tools and specialized techniques will be employed. To support ongoing progress, personalized home care will be prescribed, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your well-being.


Recommended x1/week for 6 weeks to restore an imbalance

Then x1/month for maintenance


French & Organic oils and essential oils adapted to your needs from FACE SCULPTÉ private collection.

The use of tools might be required (Gua Sha, cupping, kinesiology tape, fire therapy, moxibustion, LED etc).


Keeping high standards and quality treatments over quantity, Coralie has limited spots open to booking for this treatment- you might want to register on the waiting list to be contacted as soon as a session becomes available. Simply text us (0415720528) /email us ([ or DM us on Instagram, thank you.


To any treatments and modalities.


- drink water or fresh vegetable juice

- rest

- have a healthy light meal

- welcome any emotions

- pay attention to your body's reaction

- urinate

- avoid skin stimulation (sun, wind, cold, heat, rubbing)


- Cancer, chemotherapy, Lymphoma, melanoma

- Infectious diseases, acute inflammation or skin infections

- Hypertension, aneurysm, thrombosis, pacemaker, important varicose vein, phlebitis, heart problem, retinal detachment or other circulatory issues

- Woman with an IUD or pregnant, first 6 weeks following vaginal delivery; 3 months after a c-section

- Neuralgia Hiatal Hernia, abdominal aneurysm, diastasis Rectus

- Abdominal surgery in the past year

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